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Should newcomers take the academy before becoming a pirate, navy or voodoist?
Yes, first Academy, then the class!
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No, i don't like academy.
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 Curse of ancients

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Jack Mahoney

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PostSubject: Curse of ancients   Fri Jun 24, 2011 1:49 pm

Name:Curse of ancients

Effects: Other then becoming immortal, the cursed person will need to drink blood every three weeks, or once a week, and they will become stronger, but un able to eat, or drink normal foods, apart from alcohol. The cursed person will be faster, but not stronger.

Requirements to Obtain: Must have been dieing, losing blood, and have been drowning. A deity appears before the dying person, and offers them immortality.

Appearance After Curse: The cursed person will become pale, their hair will darken, and their eyes will become a dark blue or black colour.

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Curse of ancients
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