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Should newcomers take the academy before becoming a pirate, navy or voodoist?
Yes, first Academy, then the class!
 25% [ 1 ]
No, i don't like academy.
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 Maisie Slavasky

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Maisie Slavasky

Maisie Slavasky

Character's Location : England
Home Island :
  • Port Royal
  • Isla de Muerta

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PostSubject: Maisie Slavasky   Thu Jul 19, 2012 11:19 am

Name: Maisie Slavasky
Age: 27
Home Island:Port Royal
Human Race: White
Class: Pirate
Alliance: Pirate Alliance
Appearance: Maisie is fairly tall, and likes to where dark clothes, colors of black and green.

History: Maisie was born in Port Royal, and she grew up with her father. Unfortunately, her father died when she was 14. She fended for herself, and with her skills in sailing, she sailed to Tortuga, where she fitted in quite well. She stayed here for 5 years. She made friends with a pirate, and they fell in love. When Maisie turned 24, she married him. They were happy for another 2 years, until there was a crew sign up, and her husband signed up. Maisie didn't want to leave him, so she signed up along side him, even though she was a girl, she had a personality that was quite boyish.
Maisie survived her first few months abroad, but unfortunately, her husband didn't. Maisie became a pirate while she was abroad. Maisie likes her life so far.
Rp Sample:
As i am a member of other role playing sites, here are some of my other samples. They may not be to do with this site though.
Sample 1. Maisie woke up, and stretched her limbs. Rubbing her eyes, Maisie looked around the big and grand room that was hr bedroom. Today she would be getting her school stuff ready for another year(5th). Apparently,Maisie had to wear blood-red robes, brown pants, black or red blouse, but Maisie was going for black, boots, and nice and fluffy school brown coat, as they had changed the school uniform.
"Come on Maisie! We don't have all day!" Maisie heard the calls of her 'mother,' Sandra. "Alright, i'll be down there soon!" Maisie called back, slightly agitated.

Maisie was walking round the small shop, full of cloaks, and robes. The lady at the desk had just finished getting the sizes and all the clothes that i would need this year. "Here we are," the old lady spoke to me as she handed me the clothes. "Go put those on and see how they fit." Maisie went off and into the changing room, and came out in her new school uniform. Turning around, Maisie looked very pretty in the new uniform, and most of it fitted perfectly. "I love it!" Maisie cried! "Glad it all fits! Just take it off, then bring it to the counter to pay." the lady replied as Maisie walked back behind the curtain.
Coming up to the counter, Sandra walked in. "You done?" She asked Maisie. "Yes, i really love the new uniform!" Maisie replied back. Once Sandra had paid for the uniform, Sandra took her out, and bought her some potion ingredients, as she was running ow, and she really wanted to make more potions before she went back to school.

Sample 2. Maisie woke up, and stretched her limbs. Tired from a nights hunting. Today would be her final test, as to whether she is a capable witch, and whether she will be accepted as an auror. She climbed out of bed, and used her vamp speed to get dressed and ready for the day ahead. She grabbed her wand, just as she heard a hard rap on the door. "Time to go, Miss Snape." She heard the gruff voice of her school mate, who also is going for their final test.

Maisie walked down the street, next to Edward. They crossed the road and climbed into the little red telephone box, inserted some money, and jabbed some numbers, until they heard the familiar voice. "Welcome to the Ministry of Magic." The too soft voice spoke out. She really hated that voice. And as the voice started to speak again and again, she just lost her blow. The machine started to rattle, then eventually exploded, Edward had already ran into the bustling halls of the Ministry, while Maisie was still wrecking the place, until a man came up to her. But that was too much for Maisie. "Crucio!" She shouted at the man. Hatred filled her body, as she looked up at the faces of the Ministry workers. To her surprise, some were smiling, while the rest of them had a look of disgust. "Does anyone else want a taste of my anger?!" Maisie shouted! "I would of killed you all!" "But why did you do that, and how? You are just a kid!" Someone shouted from amongst the croud. With that snide comment, Maisie pulled up her sleeve to reveal the black, slithering snake tattoo on her forearm. The Dark Mark. And she was proud of it.

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Maisie Slavasky
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