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Should newcomers take the academy before becoming a pirate, navy or voodoist?
Yes, first Academy, then the class!
 25% [ 1 ]
No, i don't like academy.
 75% [ 3 ]
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 Jocard Alves/Sparrow

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Home Island :
  • Tortuga

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PostSubject: Jocard Alves/Sparrow   Tue Oct 26, 2010 10:00 pm

Name: Jocard Alves/Sparrow

Age: 15

Home Island: Tortuga

Human Race: White

Class: Pirate

Appearance: Jocard is a Fairly tall man about 5'11. His hair is in dread locks adorned with various objects including; Magical Beads, 4 Feathers from now extinct or endangered birds, and gemstones from across the world. His body is riddled with scars from his previous adventures across the seas. His Outfit consists of one of three colored bandana's(Red, Tan, or Green) with black vine and flower design on them which has a Reindeer shinbone hanging from the bandana. He wears a white shirt covered by a leather vest, which is also covered by a long very dark grey coat decorated with black designs of adventures and stories of himself. that he leaves open. On his belt he has the sword of Cortes, and a flintlock pistol. His body has 4 tattoo's on it, The first on his right wrist of a Cardinal flying towards a setting sun indicating that he's sailed all of the Seven Seas. A Tattoo on his back of the 15th Century poem 'Desiderata' something he copied from Teague and Jack Sparrow. The third one is a Angel holding a Cardinal in its hand and a scythe in the other. The Final tattoo was a aztec calander on his right hand on the back of it, a symbol of some of his aztec roots.

History: Jocard was born in Tortuga to A Female Pirate and one of Captain Teagues Brothers "Ace" Sparrow. As one of the only relatives of 3 Famous Pirates, his parents wished for him to also be a great prodigy of pirates as well. They named him after one of the Pirates lords and raised him to be a great pirate, and even sent him out at sea with a crew in exchange for some plundered goods for 2 years at the age of 6. He killed his first man at the age of 8 on the way back to tortuga to meet with his parents after two years. When he returned to port he had made a change from cabin boy, to pirate. He sailed with his father for 5 years after that gaining notoriety, tattoos, and trinkets from across the world. After his 13th birthday he decided to go on his own adventures away from his parents. So for two years he went on even more adventures gaining many new scars and effects. The final and most exciting of his adventures was his fight with a blockade of navy ships that he and two other crewmen volunteered to go and destroy as many of the ships as they could and if possible return to the ship and help with the fight of the main navy boarding crew. He entered the ships and destroyed nearly half of them losing one of the other men's lifes. After returning to the ship The Captain, first mate, and himself fought off the boarding crew while the rest of the men use the cannons to destroy the last of the blockade enabling their escape. The ship damaged from the fight barely made it into tortuga. Jocard took his share of the plunder and effects and left back into the port in search of a new adventure, a seat in the brethren court, and eternal youth

Rp Sample: Jocard with his loot in a chest he kept in his arms tightly and hired a crew. They all quickly got onto a ship and took it from the port of tortuga, the Goal was to find a sword that Jocard has been looking for almost half of his life as a pirate. The sword of Cortes. Jocard knew exactly where he needed to go to find the sword. A friend of His Cousin Jack Sparrow's; Tia Dalma. She kept the sword in her shack for safe keeping in case it would fall into the wrong hands and pirates would start bidding for it again. Jocard and his crew made their way to the islands in which Tia Dalma lives on the ship named The "Cardinal" They made port near the island and the crew all went in dingees through the swamp into the center of the large dark forest at night only lighting the way with lanturns. They reached the shack and entered steping catiously forward into the shack were the Voodoo Lady smiled at Jocard. Saying "You got the Sparrows blood in your veins, and his dreams go through your soul." She said to him. Jocard nodded and looked at her. "I've come for the sword of Cortes." he said to her. She turned her head and her smile faded slightly. "I will for any family of Jack Sparrow, but even to them I require payment." She said in return to him. "I Offer this." He said lifting an Undead man's head with a pendent dangling from a necklace it talked to them arguing to not use him as a bargining chip. Tia Dalma took the head and placed it in a jar sealing it in. She then comes out with a Fancy glass case covered in Aztec Designs. He took the case and bowed thankfully giving her thanks. Before they left she gave him magical beads that would protect him from the curse of the sword. The crew and him departed from the islands on the ship with Cortes' sword on his sash looking for a new adventure.
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PostSubject: Re: Jocard Alves/Sparrow   Tue Oct 26, 2010 10:31 pm


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Jocard Alves/Sparrow
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