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Should newcomers take the academy before becoming a pirate, navy or voodoist?
Yes, first Academy, then the class!
 25% [ 1 ]
No, i don't like academy.
 75% [ 3 ]
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 Executioner - Sloop

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Character's Location : Port Royal
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  • Port Royal

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PostSubject: Executioner - Sloop   Sun Oct 24, 2010 10:49 am

Name: Executioner

Type: Sloop

History: The ship was built by Bersaba himself after hiring few carpenters and engineers to help him. It was not too long, but the sloop was finally finished right before Port Royal was invaded. Due to the attack, Bersaba was afraid to get hes ship destroyed right after being built, so he immediately set off from Port Royal without paying the carpenters for the work. But the debt was soon forgotten, since Bersaba had forgotten worthy treasures at home, that were later taken by the carpenters.

Appearance: It's not the most mightiest ship in the sea, but its got what it takes to protect itself from incoming attacks. It's dark brown, with few light brown parts. The sails are white, with bit brown and black. It's got two floors. The first floor is lot smaller, since it is on the board. It has one wide room, witch is Bersaba's office. The second floor is under board with one small cabin, bit larger storage and a engineer room.
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Executioner - Sloop
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