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Should newcomers take the academy before becoming a pirate, navy or voodoist?
Yes, first Academy, then the class!
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No, i don't like academy.
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 Pirates of the Caribbean RPG still is improving!

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PostSubject: Pirates of the Caribbean RPG still is improving!   Tue Oct 19, 2010 9:36 am

I have already advertised this RPG, have requested affiliates with other websites, forums. But only because i did that, doesn't mean I'm going to quit update and improve this RPG.

Right now i wish to spend time on creating new forum categories, islands and locations and maybe even new functions. I think that having more abandoned islands would be a great improvement, when I'm going to announce the first treasure hunting event. The bigger area for people to role-play, the more fun it is! Also, i will try to make events such as: "Founding an island", whenever i will think about adding a new island, but before that this rpg needs bit more players.

Remember that you can always suggest us new ideas, and tell us what you don't like in this rpg!

And what would you, people, think about players being able to control beasts? For example, it could be the Kraken. If we look at the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Davy Jones could summon the Kraken to attack any ship he wants. And if we look at what Jack Sparrow said, Davy Jones could make the Kraken hunt Jack, or make the Kraken stop hunting Jack. And whats a creature, without at least a bit imagination? We could even create our own beasts. Like a bull, that is half human, in size of the Kraken and has four arms. Hope you like this idea.

Make sure to check for more updates!
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Pirates of the Caribbean RPG still is improving!
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