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Should newcomers take the academy before becoming a pirate, navy or voodoist?
Yes, first Academy, then the class!
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No, i don't like academy.
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Cabin Boy
Cabin Boy

Home Island :
  • Tortuga

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PostSubject: James Tylers    James Tylers  Icon_minitimeSat Oct 16, 2010 2:49 pm

Name: James Tylers

Age: 26

Home Island: Tortuga

Human Race: White

Class: Pirate

Appearance: James is a rather tall man. He has slightly longer than shoulder length black hair. He ussually keeps it in a ponytail. He has only a slight scar infron of his ear but it covered by his hair. He ussually wears a white long sleeved shirt , Leather vest , black pants and leather boots. He has the Pirate hat ( Called it that due to not knowing proper name ) His eyes are a hazel coloring. James has a 5 o'clock shadow on his face.


James was born on the island of Tortuga. He was child to a barsmaid and a traveling Pirate. His father took off of course being a Pirate. He was born and raised around Pirates living with his mom on Tortuga in the bars serving them until the age of 11. He then was so intriuged by the pirates he then snuck aboard a ship as it was leaving port one day. They took him in and made him a Cabin Boy. He was raised on the ship. At the age of 16 he was officially a member or the crew. He was now a official Pirate. He felt good about it he was now apart of something. They had some small scruges the ships. The crew went unknown for awhile until they decided to get there name known. The crew then went to Port Royal and kiddnapped the Govenor from the dock. James was the one given the task to grab the Govenor. He succeded and got him back to the ship. The crew ransomed back but James was caught and arrested by the Navy. He sat in that cell for half a month when he finally talked a soilder into letting him go in the dead of night. He escaped succesfully. He decided that crew set him up by sending him to go return the Govenor. He now had a name to him that helped he decided to start his own crew. He returned to Tortuga to create his new crew.

Rp Sample:


Kenshin was walking around the abandoned streets of Suna. The time was around 12:30 a.m mabey one a.m . He was the only one on the cool sand cover streets. He was taking sometime out of the office. He was bored in there all day with paperwork and things. He was not one to bury his sorrows in Sake at all. He chooses to walk around the village. His hair fell down into his eyes. He moves it back up slightly. He was still bored. Any moment now he was sure some Jounin would come and find and tell he has some duty to do. He really didnt know or care right now.

this is my average and when im actually trying here is it

Kenshin strooled down the street. He was enjoynh the cool nightime air. Despite living in the heat his whole life he always loved the cold. As a kid he would be called a Vampire because he would almost never go out during the hot , sweaty day time. He only did when it was absoultly neccicary. He would always do what he was currently doing. Traveling down a cold nightime suna street. The people were all sleeping in there houses in wamr beds. Kenshin never got that. Why travel all day in the heat just to when the hot sun went dwn get under a hot blanket to keep warm. Most people he figures would want to cool off from 12 hours or 13 hours of direct sunlight in the middle of a desert. He walked the streets. He then noticed some girl laying on a bench. He stopped. He was actually amazed some one was outside at this time. Esspecially someone so young. Was she a homeless? he wondered. Or mabey she was like him as a kid enjoyed the cool night air and just feel asleep on a bench. He stood there for a few moments wondering. When he felt something come down and hit him in the face. He looked up what was that it was cool and was not painful. His attention turns back towards the girl. He feels more and more of the things fall from the sky. He realized what it was. It was a miracle. It was raining in the middle of Desert. Kenshin smirked alittle bit. This was his 3rd rain in his life. First was when he was eight. 2nd when he was 13 on a mission in Kirigakure and now this time.

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PostSubject: Re: James Tylers    James Tylers  Icon_minitimeSun Oct 17, 2010 1:10 am


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